bhel-5 , mostly with -ĝ- (-k̂-): bhelǝĝ -, bhelǝ-n-ĝ-, bheleĝ-; bhl̥k̂-

bhel-5 , mostly with -ĝ- (-k̂-): bhelǝĝ -, bhelǝ-n-ĝ-, bheleĝ-; bhl̥k̂-
    bhel-5 , mostly with -ĝ- (-k̂-): bhelǝĝ -, bhelǝ-n-ĝ-, bheleĝ-; bhl̥k̂-
    English meaning: balk
    Deutsche Übersetzung: “Bohle, Balken”
    Material: Basic bhel- in O.Ind. bhuríjüu Du.” arms, arms or shafts of the cart’s pole”; Gaul. *balükon “(wall) projection “, Welsh balog “pinnacle” (M.-L. 890). With guttural extensions: Gk. φάλαγξ, -γγος f. ‘stem, balk, beam; battle row, array “, φάλαγγαι “planks, planking” (if only with secondary nasal rendering from other nouns in -γξ, so *φαλαγ- = O.Ind. bhurij-; yet perhaps with bhelǝ-ĝ- only parallel ĝ-extension from a n-stem *bhelǝn- from); with -k-: φάλκης m. “balk, beam plank in ship”. Lat. fulciō, -īre, fulsī, -tum (*bhl̥ki̯ō) “ to prop up, support; to strengthen, secure; morally, to support, stay, uphold “ (eig. “through balk, beam”); fulcrum (*fulc-lom?) “ the post or foot of a couch (prop, rack, rest camp) “. Perhaps also sufflümen “ a brake, drag, hindrance “ (*flůg- = IE *bhlǝĝ -smen); O.Ice. bialki (*belkan-) “balk, beam”; ablaut. (*balkan-): O.E. balca, bealca; O.H.G. O.S. balko “balk, beam”; O.Ice. balkr “partition wall, dividing off, partitioning off”, bǫlkr “dividing off, partitioning off”; zero grade O.E. bolca m. “gangplank”; but O.H.G. bloh(h), M.H.G. bloch, Ger. (N.Ger.) Block “clot, chunk, balk, plank” contains IE u, also from IE *bhluko- or, whether with Gmc. consonant increase, from *bhlugo-, to M.Ir. blog “piece, fragment”, further perhaps to Goth. bliggwan, O.H.G. bliuwan, Ger. bleuen “hit”, from IE *bhleu̯-ono-; see under bheleu-. Whereas belong probably to *bhelĝh- “to swell” from a meaning mediation “thick, tumescent” from: Lith. balžienа “ long beam in the harrow “, balží enas “crossbar, crossbeam”, Ltv. bàlžiêns, bèlziêns m. “prop”, E.Ltv. bòlgzds m. “ props connected in the wood sledge level “, Ltv. pabàlsts m. “prop, handle, grasp, handle in the plow “, bàlzît, pabàlstît “prop, sustain”; Russ. dial. (Gouv. Olonez) bólozno “thick board”, Slov. blazína “roof beam, crossbeam of the sledge, stake, stanchion”; kašub. bɫozno “the runners connecting the sledge skids “.
    References: WP. II 181 f., WH. I 559, Trautmann 25 f.

Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary. 2015.

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